Monitor your profitability on every marketplace

Profitability is key. With Attalos you monitor your profitability on every order line from every marketplace, realtime. Correct mistakes from your repricer software and validate your offers.




Attalos profitability

Profitability software

Selling on marketplaces is one thing, being profitable is another. With Attalos software you see exactly how profitable you are.

Integrator data

We work with data from your integrator to make sure we support all marketplaces you work on.

Marketplace consultancy

With our knowledge of international marketplaces, we are your partner for growth.

Profitability monitoring

Profitability should be your number one priority when selling on marketplaces. This should include all costs, like buy prices, pick & pack, and even the cost of your integrator. We take all this data and show it on different levels, so anyone in the organization can work with it.

Attalos profitability order lines

€99 / Month

Includes :

  • 1 integrator integration
  • 5 marketplaces
  • < 5000 orders / month
  • Profitability monitoring
  • Product analysis

€179 / Month

Includes :

  • 2 integrator integrations
  • 10 marketplaces
  • < 15000 orders/month
  • Profitability monitoring
  • Product analysis
  • Profitability warnings

€249 / Month

Includes :

  • 3 integrator integrations
  • 25 marketplaces
  • < 30000 orders/month
  • Profitability monitoring
  • Product analysis
  • Profitability warnings


What can we do for you?

  • Own marketplace
  • Profitability advice
  • Marketplace advice
  • Content management
  • Growth Strategy

Features you'll love

Get the most out of your marketplace sales with the Attalos profitability software.


Set up your shipping, pick and pack, and packaging costs. You can set up yourself when an order should color red or yellow on the overview. All tailored to your business specifics.

Sales analysis

Full order and profit overview from all marketplaces combined, realtime. That is what we stand for & what we deliver.

Direct Support

Our software is supported by marketplace specialists who provide quick and effective support. Usually an email reply takes <24h.

Product analysis

Analyze what products haven't been sold in a while, and where opportunities arise. Find & correct mistakes with incorrect buy prices, and margins.

Data export

All data is exportable to csv or Excel. Whether you want to do your own analysis, or make a backup for future use, that's all possible with the easy export function.

Regular Updates

The product is constantly worked on to give you the best experience possible. If you miss any features you can let us know and we might put it in the next version.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers you might be looking for.

Why would I want to know my profitability on order line level?
We believe that only on order line level you can take out specific errors in your setup. When checking orders that are losing money, you can detect patterns that cost you money. Remove or update your bleeding products and make an ever better profit.
My manager just wants to see if we are profitable, can you show that?
Absolutely. We have management views on monthly level, and also on any date level you specify.
Is there any support included?
You have full access to our support via email, and you can always schedule a call to walk through the software.
We make a profit on global marketplace level, do we still need this software?
Absolutely. Even though you are making a profit now (good job!), this could have been more if you remove orders that cost you money.
We have a lot of variable costs, can we take that also into account?
Sure! By default you can setup costs for shipment to specific countries, but also pick & pack and packaging costs. If you have any other per order costs, you can set them in the extra's field. This way you can get a total 360 view of your profits on marketplaces.